Jesus Club A-Frame Signs

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This sign helps direct students to the club. To order the signs go to gotprint.com. Details are below:

COLOR: Full Color Front, No Back
SIZE: 24″ x 36″
MATERIAL: 3 mil Adhesive Vinyl
FRAME: Frame +Printed Sign(s)


  • Sarah Meyer says:


    So we printed this sign, however since their is only one arrow the arrow on the front and back are opposite of each other. So we had to lean our sign against a wall so to not confuse people. Does that make sense?

    • Tim says:


      Thanks for your comment. Yes, that makes sense. We have not used ours yet because we are going to start holding Club next week just because we wanted to do a month of donut days first, but I believe what we are going to do is just print one and put it on one side of the A-Frame. That way there is no confusion. I also plan to post the psd file (photoshop file) so that you can edit the image if you have photoshop. Once I do that, you can change the arrow to point the other direction so that you can put the poster on the both sides of the A-Frame. I have not posted the psd file yet because there was an error in uploading so we are still working on how to get it posted.

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